Customizable Shapes

Six customizable shapes are available to create your ui with. these shapes are procedurally generated based on the parameters given. (Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, N-Star Polygon)

Shape appearances

Fill, Stroke or Outline (Fill and Stroke) Alike any vector art program, you can customize the appearacnce of the shapes.

Edge Falloff

A falloff of opacity of the shape that helps reduce aliasing and can also be used for soft shadows and other cool effects.


Since the shapes are procedurally generated, they can be scaled without losing any quality.


Even though sprite is not required, you can add a sprite along with the procedural shape.

Gradient Shading

Apply gradient shading over the procedural shape or sprite or both. There are three different gradeint mode to use. Corner, Linear, Radial.

Fill Mode

Unity's native fillmode is available for use here with or without specifying a sprite.

Modify, Animate

Shapes and all of it's properties can be modified in script or by animating them in Timeline or with Unity Animation.

More Features


Shapes are generated in gpu with very minimal cpu overhead. Dynamic batching is supported through shared material

Easy to Use

Intuitive custom inspector to easily create UI elements

Works with Unity Layout

Since it's built on top of Unitys UI Image component UI layouts and layers works without any hassle

Tweening Assets integration

Works with all major Tweening assets in the Unity Assetstore (ie: DoTween)

Scripting API

Neatly designed scripting api to modify/animate shapes with scripts at runtime or in editor.

C# Source code

Clean and properly commented c# source code is included in the package

Unity UI Masking

Unity Masks will work as it would with the built in UI Image component

Demo Scenes and User Manual

Demo scenes and user Manual is included in the package

All types of Canvas

Works in all types of canvases (ScreenSpace, WorldSpace, Overlay)